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    Table Help Needed - WWF Freestyle and Greco State

    03/27/2017, 12:00pm CDT
    By Jeff Jones - Membership / Tournament Director

    Table Help Needed - Freestyle and Greco State (5/6 & 7/2017)

    The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation is looking for groups (clubs / individuals) to help run a mat side table at the WWF Freestyle and Greco State Tournament on May 6th &7th. Located at Woodside Wisconsin Dells Center Dome, 2100 River Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965. We are paying $250 per table for the help. You would need 2 people at the table at all times. Each person that helps will get into the tournament free, Lunch, beverages and snacks are provided.

    If you or your group are interested please directly contact Jeff Jones, Membership / Tournament Director at  /  262-424-3672.


    Tournament Series - Focus, Preparation and Development Tips

    02/01/2017, 8:00am CST
    By Scott Kluever, WWF State Coach

    Focus On What You Can Actually Control

    The next five weeks are very emotional as the WIAA state series starts. My recommendation to all wrestlers is to focus on what you can actually control! Below are a few items that you can control that will help you be better prepared for the upcoming tournament series (regionals, sectionals and state).

    1. Getting Better: you can make some nice gains in the next five weeks if you look for small areas to improve. I would recommend working on finishes. As you wrestle higher-level opponents it gets more difficult to finish your attacks. Don’t look for the silver bullet move! Everyone has similar technique so there is no secrete move.

    2. Nutrition: as most wrestlers are watching their weight it is important you are giving your body enough calories to have great practices. Here is the link to the nutrition page on the WWF Website.

    3. Sleep: your body needs rest from the day-to-day grind of wrestling. Some studies suggest that the lack of sleep leads to fatigue, low energy and poor focus. The same studies also show that during your time sleeping is a time for your body to repair itself.  All things that is very important in your matches in the coming weeks.

    4. Have a routine: go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. Use the same pre match routine throughout the tournament series. Eat the same foods after weigh-ins that has been giving good results. Don’t try something new not knowing how your body will react during competition. Have the same positive self-talk with yourself be for each match. Don’t make any match bigger than the other!

    Good luck to all the wrestlers, coaches, families and fans! Enjoy the journey and look for the positive moments within it.

    This time of year is of course the holiday season, but for Wrestlers it is “Holiday Tournament” time.
    • Focusing on What’s Important

    • 12/07/2016, 12:45pm CST , By Scott Kluever, WWF State Coach
    • ...focus on the process (versus outcomes); yet sometimes my actions or words might show people something different.
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    This time year we feel is important to thank the people that make this organization one of the best in the country!
    The 2016 USA Wrestling’s Preseason Nationals (Folkstyle Wrestling) Tournament is this coming up this weekend - November 5 & 6, 2016.

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