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The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation, guided by USA Wrestling, provides quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full human and athletic potential. Wisconsin Wrestling Federation will strive to be USA Wrestling’s best state organization. Training Team and National Team information can be found on the individual athlete tabs from the menu.

The 2023-24 USAW membership system is open for renewals and first-time purchases. Photos by Bret and Jeni Peterson.

2023 Annual Meeting Scheduled for October 15th at 12-Noon

The Annual Meeting of Members is scheduled for Sunday, October 15th at The Lodge in Mauston. This is an open meeting where we will hear from WWF State Chairperson, Todd Schaaf, and multiple other directors with their year-in-review and a look at the upcoming season. Up for vote this year are the positions of at-large directors. For more information on the WWF team, please visit us online here. Please note that voting members are required to have a current USA Wrestling Leader membership.

VOTING at the Annual Meeting: Per bylaw 2.4: “VOTING BY MEMBERS - Nominations shall be made prior to elections. The results of votes shall be shared once tallied. At the Annual Meeting of Members, each USA Wrestling chartered club in Wisconsin as of the date of the meeting shall be entitled to one vote if the minimum membership requirement is met. The minimum membership requirement for a club is at least 10 members (to include athletes plus Wrestling Leaders. For any club with 10-25 members, the club shall receive one vote. Clubs with 26-50 members shall receive two votes, and clubs with 51 members shall receive three votes. No club shall have more than three votes. Membership shall be determined by using USA Wrestling’s membership system. In the case of club membership and/or voting eligibility, the Membership Director shall make the final determination. The previous or current membership season records may be used to determine the number of members a club has, provided the club in question was chartered during the previous season. Voting privilege for a chartered club shall be provided to the club director listed in USA Wrestling’s membership system or his/her designee. The designee must be a current Wrestling Leader of USA Wrestling in order to be an eligible designee. If a club has a voting designee, this must be provided to the Vice-Chairperson at least 48 hours before the annual meeting begins. Members eligible to vote are limited to representing a single chartered club.”

2023-2024 WFS Camp Series

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Looking for New Freestyle/Greco Officials

Our WWF mission is to provide quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full human and athletic potential, and strive to be USA Wrestling’s best state organization.

Among those leaders are mat officials (referees). We are always in need of additional officials. Maybe you're a young man or woman who wrestled in High school and you're now in college. Maybe your wrestler has moved on to their next phase of life and you still need your wrestling "fix". Or you're a coach stepping down.

Have you ever considered taking a role as an official?  

The WWF provides mentorship to help you achieve an WWF Officials role. We're always in need of new officials at all skill levels! Regardless of your knowledge and experience. 

If you are interested in Officiating or at least give it a try; Contact Thomas Platner: (P) 920-980-8135 / (E):

Benefits of joining our association:
o    Give back to the sport that gave you so much - Wrestling prepared me for life ... including self-confidence, discipline, mental toughness and personal responsibility. If you've been involved in wrestling as a participant, spectator, or the parent of a wrestler, officiating provides an opportunity to give back to the sport that has given you so much.

o    Learn from the best wrestling officials in Wisconsin- Our association is the most experienced 

o    Make a real difference in a young person’s life - Officiating provides a unique opportunity to influence the lives of hundreds of young people over the course of a season. You'll be in a perfect position to become a teacher, role model and mentor.

o    Enjoy the camaraderie of other wrestling obsessed folks - We officiate for many good and noble reasons ... but the camaraderie we share during the
various events is unforgettable. Simply put, we like to have fun!

o    An opportunity to flex your mental and physical capabilities - Yes, officiating is demanding ... mentally and physically ... but, at the same time, extremely satisfying!

Let's talk about your interest in Officiating!

Contact: Thomas Platner, Phone: 920-980-8135 / Email:

Why Wrestle Freestyle and Greco-Roman

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