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Kids Folkstyle State Championships

WWF Kids Folkstyle State Championships will be held March 5-7th, 2021 in Wisconsin Dells

The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation will be holding our Kids Folkstyle State Championships on March 5-7th, 2021 at the Woodside Sports Dome in Wisconsin Dells.

We will not be able to use the Alliant Center in Madison this year do to Covid restrictions. Hopefully we will be back in 2022.

Also we will not be holding the Qualifiers this year since most schools in the state where they are held are not allowing outside functions in their schools. So the state tournament will be an open tournament and will have to be planned around Covid restrictions to do it safely.

Further details will be announced in the near future

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones


Phone: 262-424-3672


The 2021 WWF Kids State Folkstyle State Championships will be held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday March 5th - 7th 2021 at the Woodside Wisconsin Dells Center located at 2100 River Rd in Wisconsin Dells.

This is for Wisconsin residents only

Singlets and headgear required for all ages

State championship is an open tournament this year because of Covid-19. To run this tournament efficiently and work with occupancy restrictions all wrestlers must register on Trackwrestling by midnight of Monday February 15th.

Entry Fee: $45 done online on by midnight on Monday February 15th. All competitors must have a USA Wrestling Membership and show their card at weigh-ins. Membership cards are available online at or can be bought at the door.

Age and weight classes are listed below


Thursday March 4th, 2021
           6-7:00pm        Weigh-ins for Boys and Girls Born in 2012-13

Friday March 5th, 2021
           7:00am             Doors open
           7-7:30am        Weigh-ins for Boys and Girls Born in 2012-13
           8:30am             Wrestling starts for Boys and Girls Born in 2012-13       
           12-1:00pm     Weigh-ins for Boys and Girls Born in 2010-11
           3:00pm            Wrestling starts for Boys Born 2010-11 Lower Weights and Girls Born in 2010-11  
           8-8:30pm        Weigh-ins for Boys Born in 2010-11 Upper Weights

Saturday March 6th, 2021
           7:00am             Doors open
           7-7:30am        Weigh-ins for Boys Born in 2010-11 Upper Weights
           8:30am             Wrestling starts for Boys Born in 2010-11 Upper Weights
           10-11:00am  Weigh-ins for Boys and Girls Born in 2008-09
           1:00pm             Wrestling starts for Boys and Girls Born in 2008-09
           7-8:00pm        Weigh-ins for Boys Born in 2006-07

Sunday March 7th, 2021
           7:00am             Doors open
           7-7:30am        Weigh-ins for Boys and Girls Born in 2006-07
           8:30am             Wrestling starts for Boys and Girls Born in 2006-07               
***Schedule is subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions. Once we know how many wrestlers are participating on February 15th we will update the schedule as needed.
 Covid-19 Protocols: Everyone entering must wear a face covering and wear it all the time except wrestlers while they are wrestling. Everyone must have their temperature taken as they enter and fill out questionnaire.           

Admission Prices 

  • Adults (9th grade and older): $10.00 per day 
  • Children (K-8th grade):  $5.00 per day
  • Under 5 years old and competitors: free.
  • Coaches Pass Wristbands $10 for all 3 days of the tournament
  • USAW Coaches Cards accepted for free entry. 
  • Cash only accepted at ticket office.  No checks / no credit cards.
  • Because of Covid-19 Occupancy Restrictions we are limiting Spectators to parents and siblings that are along. Trackacst will be available for people at home.

Registration and Weigh-Ins

  • All wrestlers must register and weigh-in by the time listed above for their age group.  Wrestlers must wear a singlet during weigh-ins and no weight allowance is given for the singlet itself.  Remember: there is no weight allowance given for the state tournament and all wrestlers must make the same weight class that they qualified during the qualifiers.
  • Note to parents: your wrestler must be in his/her singlet before entering the registration line.  There is no area available for changing during the weigh-in process.  Parents will be responsible for their child's belongings during the registration & weigh-in procedure.


  • Woodside Wisconsin Dells Center collects a daily parking fee. 

Food and Coolers

  • No food and beverage coolers are allowed in the Wisconsin Dells Center.  This is strictly enforced.

Mat Assignments

  • Wrestlers will be assigned to a set of mats for each session and assigned to those mats by first available mat. Starting Mat assignments will be posted by the brackets and announced at the start of wrestling.

    Mat Side Coaching USA Coaching Card Requirement
    In order to be allowed mat side to coach at the WWF kids’ folkstyle state championship event, one must be a current USA wrestling coach member; and one must specifically hold a USAW Copper Certification or higher.  This includes parents, club coaches, etc. Coaches will also have to buy a coaches band for $10.00 for the tournament.
  • Individuals 18 years of age and older must successfully complete a mandatory background check before purchasing USA wrestling coaches membership.  Please allow 7-10 business days for the background check process, as USA wrestling coach’s memberships will not be available on-site.

Awards: Custom Trophies 1st - 6th Place

Ads in 2020 WWF Kids Folkstyle State Championship Program

Anyone who wants to put an ad in the WWF Kids Folkstyle State Championship Program please contact Melissa at or call 608-563-5260