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Club Charter Info & Benefits

Club Charter
A club Charter provides membership affiliation with USA Wrestling for state and national clubs. Club Charter benefits include liability insurance for practice sessions supervised by member coaches and property and general liability protection for club leaders and volunteers (subject to coverage limits and conditions under the policy); fund-raising opportunities through the National Headquarters and national sponsors; a subscription to USA Wrestler; a copy of the international rule book; and other program materials as they become available. Each club pays one charter fee, regardless of the number of wrestlers or ages involved with the club. All members of the club must be individually registered with USA Wrestling. Owners/operators of facilities may be listed as a Certificate Holder for a nominal fee. Owners/operators, as Certificate Holders, of facilities can be listed as additional insured through approval of the insurance carrier at no charge.


Charter your club online through USA Wrestling or by contacting the WWF Membership Director - Sandy Russell.


If you run out of cards please either purchase additional cards online through USAW or input your information on the following excel spreadsheet and email to the membership secretary.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 If entering information on spreadsheet:

 Fill out spreadsheet and email it to the membership secretary.  When putting in the information they ask for a email address.  If a wrestlers doesn’t have one you can either put yours in or leave it blank.  Then the information will be uploaded to USA wrestling.

You as a club lead can go into the system and print whatever you need for your club.  Also if a wrestlers loses a card we can go back in and print the card.  If you have any questions please call call or email the membership secretary.

Sandy Russell

Sandy Russell

Membership Secretary

Phone: 262-968-9542

Mailing Address

WWF - Sandy Russell
PO Box 404 Wales, WI 53183