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Coaches Membership

How To Get Your USA Wrestling Coaches Card

How to get your USA Wrestling Coaches Card

Wrestling Wednesday: How to get your USA Wrestling Coaching Card

Below are the steps to get your USA Coaches card. Please make sure you have it in plenty of time before the WWF State Tournaments series starts.

·         Go to

·         Set up an account for yourself

·         Claim previous profile (you can also claim profiles of your children at this point) or set up a profile (if you have never been a member of USA Wrestling)

·         From your profile, click on the link to complete the background screening and SafeSport certification

·         The background screening typically takes 2-3 days for approval

·         The SafeSport certification has 3 modules that must be completed and takes about 1.5 hours in total

·         After passing the background check and completing the SafeSport certification, coach membership can be purchased

·         Online Copper and/or Bronze certification can be added to a shopping cart after one is a member coach of USA Wrestling

Coach's Membership

Membership benefits include secondary, non-duplicating sports accident insurance provided by an outside carrier. There is sports accident supplemental benefits provided to USA Wrestling members who participate in limited non-sanctioned events. This insurance coverage includes a deductible, co-payment provisions and other conditions of the policy (details will be provided to club administrators); limited liability insurance (per the conditions of the policy); a one-year subscription to USA Wrestler; a copy of the international rule book; the privilege to coach at events and specified camps, clinics, international exchanges and club programs; opportunity for coach instruction and certification, discounts on wrestling gear, equipment and apparel; and other national discount programs as they become available. This card may not be used for competition.

Coaches membership cards MUST be purchased online at  A mandatory background check must be completed.  The coaches membership card (renewable annually) is $44.75.  The background check (renewable every two years) is an additional $15.


  1. Go to
  2. Sign In using your “USAW ID” and password or create an account.
  3. Choose to “Add Coach” or “Renew Coach.”
  4. Update your profile and choose “Continue.”
  5.  If you do not have a valid Background Check, you will be prompted to begin the process.  NOTE: you cannot purchase a current coach’s membership without a valid background check.  Follow the directions on the Background Check (with TC Logiq).  When you have finished entering your information, you will be asked to for your credit card information.  At this time, the background check must process before you are allowed to obtain a membership card.
  6. With a valid Background Check, you can complete your purchase by entering your credit card information.  You will prompted by an e-mail to return to when your Background Check has been processed so you can purchase your coach’s membership card.
  7. After purchasing your Coach’s Membership Card for $44.75, print your card.
Scott Kluever

Scott Kluever

State Coach

Phone: 920-639-9376

Sandy Russell

Sandy Russell

Membership Secretary

Phone: 262-968-9542