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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Cost Schedules

Club Charter:   $85.00
Additional Insured:   $25.00 Each
Sanction of Event:   $60.00 Each Event
USA Cards - Athletes:   $40.00 Each
Open Licenses:   19 years of age and older after September 1 are available online only
Internet USA Card-Athletes:   $40.00 Each
USA Coach's Cards:   $44.75 (only available via online
Background Check:   $15.00 (good for two years; only available online)
  • Coach’s cards can be bought in 2 year increments as long as it is the same year of the back ground check
  • Paper work and payment for Club Charters, Insurance, Events and Athletes USA Cards are sent to Sandy Russell at the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation.

Wisconsin Wrestling Federation
P.O. Box 404
Wales, WI  53183
Attn: Sandy Russell

Sandy Russell

Sandy Russell

Membership Secretary

Phone: 262-968-9542

Membership Documents

How can I get a USAW Competitor’s Card?
Purchase from a USAW Member Club, a USAW Sanctioned tournament or purchase online.

  1. Contact a State Sanctioned Club or buy one at a USAW-sanctioned event.
  2. Fill out the USAW Card Membership Registration Form and mail to the Membership Secretary.
  3. Order your card online at

What exactly is a USA Wrestling (competitor's) card?
A USA Wrestling card is proof of membership. All participants at USAW sanctioned events must have a current USAW membership. Athletes must purchase membership annually for insurance purposes. The membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. 

It is important to be consistent with the name you use for tournament registrations and the membership system. The systems do not know that Jesse D. Jenkins and Bubba Jenkins are the same person. This will affect Future Olympian Rankings points and Trackwrestling profiles.

Can I get a card on the internet and use it right away?
Yes you can.  If you order a card online, you can print the card right away.  No physical card will be sent to you.  Your card is only available to print.

What happens if I lose a USA Card?
If you card becomes lost you can log on at and print a new one or contact Sandy and she can look up your username and password for you.

What does a Coach’s Card do for me?
Coach’s Card does cover a coach in a Club Sanction practice room and Tournaments for a 2 million dollar liability policy.  Cost for USA Coach's Cards are $44.75 (these are available only at 

How do I Charter my Club?
Please call Sandy Russell (262-968-9542) and request the proper 3-part forms.  Club charters are $85.00 per year and $25.00 for additional insurance.