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USWA Membership Benefits

This Membership synopsis is not intended to be a detailed explanation of benefits or of terms and conditions applying to same. Information printed above is subject to change. Answers to specific questions may be obtained from the WWF State Chairperson or Membership Secretary or by contacting USA Wrestling.

USAW Programming Benefits and Services

The programs, benefits and services described below are not in any particular order of importance.

Insurance Coverage Details

At USA Wrestling, our top priorities are safety and security. That's why we make sure you're covered by General Liability, Accidental Medical Expense, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the following highlights of our policies and coverage. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact USA Wrestling State Services at (719) 598-8181 or e-mail

Sandy Russell

Sandy Russell

Membership Secretary

Phone: 262-968-9542

Insurance Information

Insurance Claim Form, Insurance Coverage, Additional Insurance Application, Additional Insured Procedures, Waiver & Release Form, Facility Use Information, and Facility Checklist.

Current Programs

  1. Membership in a National Organization which is committed to preserving the sport, developing new opportunities, creating increased interest, supporting athletes, coaches, officials, and leaders at every level of the sport, supporting the efforts of thousands of volunteers across the country.
  2. Association with the only organization in the United States which is the National Governing Body for the Sport and member association of the United States Olympic Committee.
  3. National Team Athlete Appearance Program
  4. Coaches Education State Grant Program
  5. Volunteer and Athlete Recognition Programs
  6. Annual Rule Book published and distributed to coaches, clubs and officials
  7. USA Wrestler publication
  8. On going Video Technique Syllabus Project
  9. Regional & National Event Series
  10. Promotion items – posters, stickers, flyers
  11. National Coaches Education Program ( Four levels)
  12. Secondary Sports Accident and Liability Insurance benefits and service
  13. State Association D&O Insurance Benefits
  14. Club and State Leaders’ Organizing guides
  15. Use of the Junior Olympic term – USAW and its affiliate members are granted permission by the United States Olympic Committee to utilize the terminology “Junior Olympic” in their grass-root programming activities and functions. This is exclusive to all National Governing Bodies with one exception.
  16. International Exchange Program
  17. Tour du Monde Program
  18. GR Big Brother Program, FS Future Olympians Program, Developmental Training Camps
  19. USAW Merchandise Consignment Fundraising program
  20. Full line of USAW branded merchandise, event supplies, team supplies
  21. Mat and Pairing Official Training Opportunities and Clinics (USWOA)
  22. Officials Training Videos (USWOA)
  23. Annual State Leaders Conference
  24. and

Sports Accident Supplemental Benefits

USA Wrestling’s Supplemental Benefit (SB) program allows USAW members to participate in non-USAW sanctioned events.

*** WHO IS COVERED: Those entities outlined in the USA Wrestling General Liability and USA Wrestling Sports Accident Summaries but only when:

  1. All members and coaches of an USA Wrestling club/team who are participating in the competition and who are current and active USAW members. The competition must be formally scheduled, supervised, and conducted by a recognized sports association, sports organization, civic group, or school, and its rules must be in force. Coverage will not extend to any unsupervised informal competition, or to any non-USA Wrestling sanctioned competitions hosted or conducted by USA Wrestling clubs/teams.
  2. For club/team competitions (where USA Wrestling club/team members are participating in club/team formats) the entire club/team and coach must be USAW members.
  3. For individual competitions the individual must be a current USAW member to receive benefits. Such members may participate in competitions without a coach or other club/team members.
  4. Member coaches only while they are coaching or instructing other USA Wrestling members.

Organizational Tools for State Leaders and State Associations

  1. National Convention
  2. Membership services in regard to questions, requests, advice, supplies
  3. Membership processing software, forms, promotion materials
  4. Grass-roots communication services via conference calls, mailings, etc
  5. Recording, archiving and distribution of state association policies, procedures, and guidelines
  6. Recording and distribution of all Regional Committee, National Council meetings
  7. State Association Compliance procedures
  8. Junior Olympic Wrestling Committee work

Programs Under Development

  1. Palestra – An Internet based educational tool for coaches and athletes that will provide in-depth visual aids, both still and live action, demonstrating wrestling techniques of Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Folkstyle.
  2. Future world wide web applications under development
  3. University Club Program (underdevelopment)
  4. Beat the Streets Program (under development), Associated Inter-city Programming (YMCAs)