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Sanctioning a Competitive Event

Sanctioning for a Competitive Event

A sanction for a USA wrestling event, approved by the State Chairperson or designated state director and received and approved by the National Office within the appropriate time frame prior to the event provides organization affiliation and other limited benefits. Liability insurance coverage for tournament organizers and volunteers is a benefit of the sanction, as well as limited property damage coverage (subject to coverage limits and conditions under the policy). The owner of the facility where the event is held may be included as an Additional Insured, upon submission of appropriate form and approval of the insurance carrier, at no additional cost. All contestants must hold valid USA Wrestling Competitor’s membership cards. Event Directors receive a Certificate of Insurance; opportunity to purchase discounted event supplies; fund-raising consignment sales opportunities of USA Wrestling merchandise at certain events; event organizing materials; access to national staff for consulting; and free promotional listings in the USA Wrestler, and on the Internet.

USA Wrestling Event Organizing Guide Download

Special Notes:

  1. Subject to publication dates and receipt of event information.
  2. Event fliers must be submitted to the membership secretary in Adobe PDF format.
  3. Contact Wisconsin Wrestling Federation membership secretary Sandy Russell to sanction your event.
Sandy Russell

Sandy Russell

Membership Secretary

Phone: 262-968-9542

Mailing Address

WWF - Sandy Russell
PO Box 404 Wales, WI 53183