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Women's Wrestling Program

2023-24 SEASON

Welcome to a brand new season, and the 2024 Olympic year!

Now - April 2024: We’re right in the middle of our women’s freestyle camp series that runs from Sept. to Apr. at various locations across the state. These camps are open to all Wisconsin 14U, 16U, and Junior women with a USA Wrestling athlete membership, and are led by coaches on the WWF national team staff. These camps are great opportunities to sharpen your freestyle skills, connect, and grow with Team Wisconsin. We truly believe year-round touchpoints and learning with the national team bring us one step closer to a championship program for women’s freestyle here in Wisconsin. Register here. View the camp flyer here

May 2024 - July 2024: After freestyle state, the WWF hosts three Training Team Camps geared toward getting athletes competing with Team Wisconsin ready for National Duals and Fargo. The first camp at the Mauston Talon Training Center is open to all Wisconsin athletes, and then the National Duals and Fargo prep camps are reserved for athletes qualified for those individual teams.

The spring season offers a wide variety of high-caliber competitions for our wrestlers, including Women’s Nationals (World Team Trials) in April, WWF freestyle state followed by Northern Plains Regional Championships in May, National Duals in June and then finally 16U and Junior Nationals in July. Depending on performance, wrestlers may qualify for age-level Pan-Am and World teams that compete internationally anywhere from June through December with USA Wrestling.

The WWF brings a team of qualified athletes to represent Team Wisconsin at USA Wrestling’s National Duals in June and at the 16U and Junior National Championships, aka Fargo, in July. Athletes hoping to compete on Team Wisconsin at these events must adhere to the qualifying procedures posted below. 

Parents and/or club coaches organize and travel with athletes to compete at the remainder of key events on the schedule below if it fits their training and goals. Please note, that this is a short list of WWF and USA Wrestling events that Wisconsin athletes regularly compete at—visit USA Wrestling for their complete event schedule and competition opportunities.

2024 National Duals

National Duals are age-level USA Wrestling events featuring some of the best women’s freestyle wrestlers on state teams from across the country. Team Wisconsin will compete in the 14U, 16U and Junior divisions at Women’s National Duals. The Girls 16U National Duals is a brand new event, making its debut in 2024. All age groups are required to attend the National Dual Team prep camp (date TBA).

14U and 16U Women’s National Duals
The 14U and 16U National Duals teams will travel together and compete in Westfield, Indiana, June 19th-22nd. Team cost: TBA.

14U Team Selection Process: The 14U National Dual Team is selected based on placements at these 2024 events, in the following order: 1) Womens Nationals, 2) WWF Freestyle State, 3) Northern Plains, and 4) WWF Girls Folkstyle State. Coach Koontz will also consider the 2023 results from Women's Nationals, Northern Plains, and WWF Freestyle State. Coach Koontz has the final determination of rosters. The final team selection will be announced after Northern Plains.

16U Team Selection Process: NEW EVENT The WFS 16U National Dual Team is selected based on placements at these events, in the following order: 1) Women's Nationals, 2) the WWF Freestyle State tournament, and 3) Northern Plains. Head Coach Bryan Koontz makes the final roster determinations. The final team selection will be announced after Northern Plains.

Junior National Duals
The Junior National Dual team will compete in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 19th-22nd. The junior age groups for this year are wrestlers born September 1, 2004 and after plus currently enrolled in grades 9-12. Specific travel and competition dates will be shared as they become available. Team cost: $575.

Junior Team Selection: The Junior Girls National Duals Team will be selected using USA Wrestling’s Performance Index rating. The USA Wrestling Performance Index (PI) measures consistency over time and rates the probability of a person winning against an opponent based on their body of work. The PI system uses historical data from all USA Wrestling sanctioned freestyle and Greco events. The WWF will use PI information through 2024 Northern Plains Regional Championships to determine the Junior National Dual team.

Opportunities for wrestlers to improve their PI ranking in 2024 include Women’s Nationals, the Girls HS Showcase, WWF Freestyle State Championships, Northern Plains and any other local or national freestyle tournament sanctioned by USA Wrestling.

Please review USA Wrestling’s age group and weight class details for the 2024 season here.

FARGO 2024

What is Fargo

The Junior and 16U National Championships, aka Fargo, is a high-caliber USA Wrestling national event where the top freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers are tested against the rest of the nation individually and as respective state teams. As the Wisconsin affiliate to USA Wrestling, the WWF brings a unified team of athletes to compete each season.

Qualification process for WFS
All wrestlers must qualify to compete at Fargo! The WWF can bring four (4) athletes per weight class, per division. To qualify for the Wisconsin National Team, wrestlers must auto-qualify nationally (opportunities listed below), place top three at the 2024 WWF Freestyle State Championships (same weight and style), or win a wrestle-off at the pre-Fargo camps in River Falls. A minimum of one wrestle-off spot is reserved at each weight class per age group and style. Since national auto-qualifiers do not count against the allotted number the state can bring, any auto-qualified wrestler that places in the top three at WWF freestyle state opens up an additional wrestle-off spot at camp.

Auto-qualifier opportunities

  • Current year 1st-6th Place at USA Wrestling Regionals (placement must be in the same age and style)
  • Current year 1st-8th Place at U15 Nationals (placement must be in the same style)
  • Current year 1st-8th Place at U17 Nationals (placement must be in the same style)
  • Current year 1st-8th Place at U20 Nationals (placement must be in the same style)
  • Previous year 1st-8th Place at Junior Nationals (placement must be in the same style)
  • Previous year 1st-8th Place at 16U Nationals (placement must be in the same style)
  • Previous year age-level World Team member (must be in the same style)

16U Women: (Born 2008-2009) Weights: 88 lbs, 94 lbs, 100 lbs, 106 lbs, 112 lbs, 118 lbs, 124 lbs, 130 lbs, 136 lbs, 142 lbs, 148 lbs, 155 lbs, 170 lbs, 190 lbs, 235 lbs. Match Lengths: Two two-minute periods with 30-second rest between periods for all matches.

Junior Women: (Born September 1, 2004 and after plus currently enrolled in grades 9-12). Weights: 95 lbs, 100 lbs, 105 lbs, 110 lbs, 115 lbs, 120 lbs, 125 lbs, 130 lbs, 135 lbs, 140 lbs, 145 lbs, 155 lbs, 170 lbs, 190 lbs, 235 lbs. Match Lengths: Two three-minute periods with 30-second rest between periods for all championship and medal matches.

Cost & Registration: JR or 16U $525. Both divisions $670. Athlete fees will cover hotel, transportation and registration. The cost does NOT include the uniform package/singlets. Registration will open in May.

Camp & Competition Dates:
July 10-11: 16U and Junior WFS Fargo camps in River Falls, WI
July 12: 16U and Junior WFS travel to Fargo and weigh in
July 13-14: 16U and Junior WFS compete at Fargo

Uniforms: Athletes are responsible for purchasing the Team Wisconsin uniform package (minimum red and blue women’s cut singlet). Wrestlers on the National Team who do not wish to purchase a new set of singlets may use a generic reversible singlet offered by the WWF coaching staff.

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  • All athletes must join through Team Wisconsin
  • Wrestlers are required to attend pre-competition camps
  • Email us at with any questions

EVERYONE MUST HAVE AN UPLOADED HEADSHOT IN THEIR USA WRESTLING PROFILE. Please go to the USA Wrestling membership website and click on "profile" to see if you have an uploaded picture. Watch the tutorial video on how to upload your photo here.

Neysa Bianchi

Women's Director

Phone: (920) 645-9831