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NCEP TEAL COURSE: Coaching Girl and Women Wrestlers

By Gabby Lord-Klein, 09/23/23, 8:00AM CDT


Have you registered for the Teal Certification course? 

USA Wrestling and Wrestle Like A Girl have launched a 2-hour online training to support the development of current and future coaches of girls and women's wrestling. This training is part of USA Wrestling’s National Coaches Education Program and will be offered for free to everyone through September 30th. 

The course begins with a brief history of USA Wrestling, Wrestle Like A Girl, and the history of women’s wrestling in the Olympics and growth trends in the United States. 

Coaches will learn various ways to invite and welcome girls into their wrestling rooms, empower future coaches, and build a positive and respectful team culture. 

The Teal course provides context around the importance of language coaches use with athletes while providing education and strategies for best coaching practices. In addition, the course challenges coaches to consider some of the nuanced experiences of athletes coming from diverse backgrounds. Coaches will learn about changes that occur in adolescent development for girls, and briefly cover female-specific techniques. 

You will hear from various leaders and coaches in the wrestling space, including Joan Fulp, Katherine Shai, Tela O’Donnell, Lori Clift Ayers, Charlotte Bailey, Sally Roberts, Katie Kriebel, and Jessica Medina Bunker.

Look forward to learning something new in each of the modules! 

M1: foundations of the course
M2: a call to action
M3: welcoming girls and keeping them in the room 
M4: diversity, equity, and inclusion and team culture 
M5: adolescent development
M6: female-specific techniques
M7: safeguarding athletes and coaches
M8: the fun integration theory and best coaching practices

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