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Weiler makes U17 Greco World Team; 37 All-American in Vegas

By Gabby Lord-Klein, 04/29/24, 9:30AM CDT


Wisconsin had 37 All-Americans at the US Open, including 4 champions and 7 runners-up! 

Winning titles in Greco were Colton Weiler and Brett Back, and in Freestyle Aeoden Sinclair and Connor Mirasola. 

Weiler’s title earned him the 65kg U17 Greco World team spot with a win in the best of three trials final. The 2024 U17 World Championships are in Amman, Jordan, August 19-25.

In U20, Brett Back (GR), Aeoden Sinclair (FS) and Connor Mirasola (FS) advance to the best of three series at WTT where they will face the champion of the mini-tournament. The UWW U20 and U23 Men’s World Team Trials are coming up May 31st-June 2nd. 

The seven runners-up were Cole Mirasola, Jacob Herm, Kellen Wolbert, Alex Penzkover, Caleb Dennee, Daniel Corbin, and Taylor Whiting. 

U17 FS
2ND - Caleb Dennee 80 kg (CrassTrained: Weigh In Club)
2ND - Kellen Wolbert 65 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
5TH - Daniel Heiser 71 kg (Wisconsin)
6TH - Garett Kawczynski 110 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
6TH - Liam Crook 80 kg (Kaukauna High School Wrestling)

7TH - Maximus Hay 55 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
7TH - Max Matthias 92 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)

U17 GR    
1ST - Colton Weiler 65 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
2ND- Jacob Herm 71 kg (Neenah High School Wresling)
5TH - Sullivan Ramos 71 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
7TH - Declan Koch 65 kg (Neenah High School Wrestling)

U20 FS    
1ST - Aeoden Sinclair 86 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
1ST - Connor Mirasola 92 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
2ND - Cole Mirasola 97 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)
3RD - Koy Hopke 125 kg (Wisconsin)
5TH - Max Ramberg 97 kg (Viking RTC)
6TH - Ian Smith 97 kg (CrassTrained: Weigh In Club)
7TH - Charlie Millard 74 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)

U20 GR    
1ST - Brett Back 72 kg (Dubuque RTC)
3RD - Amryn Nutter 63 kg (Combat W.C. School of Wrestling)
3RD - Max Ramberg 97 kg (Viking RTC)
4TH - Caden Young 77 kg (Mustang Wrestling Club)
4TH - Gunnar Hamre 67 kg (Combat W.C. School of Wrestling)
4TH - Rhett Koenig 63 kg (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC)
6TH - Ashton Miess 77 kg (Combat W.C. School of Wrestling)
6TH - Jaren Rohde 130 kg (Dubuque RTC)
7TH - Cody Kwak 130 kg (Victory School of Wrestling)
8TH - Ian Smith 97 kg (CrassTrained: Weigh In Club)
8TH - Jackson Mankowski 130 kg (Wisconsin)

Futues FS 
2ND - Daniel Corbin 38 kg (Wisconsin)

Futures GR
3RD - Daniel Corbin 38 kg (Wisconsin)

U15 FS
3RD - Tomm Heiser 75 kg (RT Elite Wrestling)
4TH - Zahn Beal 48 kg (Askren Wrestling Academy)

U15 GR    
2ND - Alexander Penzkover 57 kg (LaCrosse Area Wrestlers)

8TH - Michael Daleiden 57 kg (Ringers WC)

Girls Showcase
2ND - Taylor Whiting 105 lbs (Askren Wrestling Academy)
5TH - Brooke Huffman 190 lbs (Team Nazar Training Center)