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2023 Bylaw Meeting Scheduled

By WWF, 01/26/23, 11:00AM CST


The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation assigned a bylaw committee to review the current bylaws. The WWF Board of Directors approved the revisions presented by the committee.

The next step is to have a zoom meeting with USA Wrestling chartered clubs in Wisconsin (scheduled for Feb. 27th). Chartered clubs as of the date of the meeting shall be entitled to one vote if the minimum membership requirement is met.

The minimum membership requirement for a club is at least 10 members (to include athletes plus Wrestling Leaders). For any club with 10-25 members, the club shall receive one vote. Clubs with 26-50 members shall receive two votes, and clubs with 51 members shall receive three votes. No club shall have more than three votes.

Membership shall be determined by using USA Wrestling’s membership system. In the case of club membership and/or voting eligibility, the Membership Director shall make the final determination.

The date of the meeting is Monday, February 27th at 7:30pm. The 2023 bylaws are posted here.