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First Time Wrestling Parent? Read This


There are lots of Freshman wrestling this weekend in the WIAA Sectionals all across the state! Sectionals are some of the most stressful matches for athletes and parents alike.

Are you a parent and unsure what to expect?  We got you. USA Wrestling breaks it down. Good luck to all wrestlers this weekend! See you at the Kohl Center!

Table Help needed at USA Wrestling's Dominate in the Dells March 10th

The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation is looking for people or clubs to help run a mat side table at the USAW Dominate in the Dells Tournament March 10th. We are paying $175 per table for the help. You would need 2 people at the table at all times. Each person that helps will get into the tournament free. Lunch, snacks and beverages are provided

Anyone interested please contact Jeff Jones at  or 262-424-3672
Wrestling Wednesday: 02/07

Wrestling Wednesday: 02/07

Girls HS Folkstyle State Tournament: Click for details

Wrestling Wednesday 01/31: Click for details

Wrestling Wednesday: How to Get Your USA Wrestling Coaches Card

Wrestling Wednesday: How to get your USA Wrestling Coaching Card

2018 Fargo Team Camps

The 2018 Men's Freestyle Fargo Team Camp Dates Are Set

Wrestling Wednesday: 01/16

Wrestling Wednesday 01/16: It's not just about results

Kids State Tournament

Wrestling Wednesday: Kids Folkstyle State Tournament Qualifier

Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Member News

WWF Spring 2018 Training Schedules Posted
Wrestling Wednesday Nutrition Redux

Wrestling Wednesday: Top Ten Power Foods

Dynamic Warmup plan from USA Wrestling

Dynamic Warmup plan from USA Wrestling

USA Wrestling Preseason Nationals Cedar Falls Iowa October 2017

WWF Wrestling Wednesday

Wrestle Like A Girl Camp | October 21-22 | River Falls

Kylie Welker, Franksville, wins Pan Am Gold

Kylie Welker, Franksville, Wisconsin, wins 48kg Pan Am Gold in Chile

Kylie Welker (Franksville, Wisconsin) became a two time Pan Am Games medalist for the USA team, taking the 48kg Gold medal in Santiago, Chile. Welker won a bronze medal in the 44 kg/96.8 lbs. class for USA at the 2016 Pan Ams in Colombia.

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Wisconsin Girls Fargo Junior and Cadet Teams Shine Bright

Wisconsin Girls Fargo Junior and Cadet Teams Shine Bright

Girls | Wisconsin at USA Wrestling Nationals | 2017

Cadet Girls Freestyle –

The Wisconsin women battled to a 5th place team finish at the USMC Cadet Women's National Championships in Fargo, ND.  Only two points separated the 3rd through 5th place teams.  The most impressive feat of the tournament for Team Wisconsin was at the tough 127-pound weight bracket where two Wisconsin athletes met in the championship finals.  Returning Cadet national champion and World Bronze Medalist Macey Kilty defeated teammate Ashton Cadman, 10-0.  Cadman pinned Folkstyle National Champion Jessica Sanchez (California) in the semi-finals.  Kilty was named Outstanding Wrestler of the Cadet tournament.

Natalie Kemp secured the second 'stop sign' for Team Wisconsin with a title at 180 pounds.  Natalie swept the weight class this season as she also won Folkstyle Nationals in March.  Kemp improved on her 3rd place finish as a Cadet one year ago.

Kiana Pugh breezed into the finals, but was stopped by Cadet World Team Member Kelani Corbett from Hawaii, 8-5.  Pugh got out to a 4-0 early lead in the match, however, Corbett chipped away at the lead and secured the win.

Other All-Americans were Autumn Hohn (6th place, 100 pounds), Rose Ann Marshall (7th place, 106 pounds) and Rhiannon Kuske (8th place, 117 pounds).  Hohn earned her second All-American honor as a Cadet.  Marshall finished 2nd in 2016. Rose Annl earned the Cadet Pinning Award (most pins, least amount of time) as well.

Junior Girls Freestyle –

Team Wisconsin turned heads on the FargoDome floor with three individual national champions and a 2nd place team finish.  

Alisha Howk won the 112-pound bracket with a thrilling 10-8 victory over Autumn Gordon from Ohio.  Howk bested Arizona's first ever Cadet national champion Stefana Jelacic, 9-8 in the semi-finals. 

Macey Kilty won her second Outstanding Wrestler award, coming away on top in the loaded 127-pound bracket.  Kilty defeated three superstars, in the women's wrestling world, in consecutive matches.  Macey took down Kaden Campbell (Colorado) 14-8, in the quarterfinals, returning national champion Brenda Reyna (Washington) 9-8 in the semi-finals and stunned World Champion Ronna Heaton in the gold medal match, 4-1.  

One year ago, Jayden Laurent was a Cadet National Champion and lost a close battle in the Junior finals.  This year, however, Laurent dominated five matches to win the coveted Junior National title.  On the stage, she defeated world team member Alara Boyd (Indiana) by technical fall, 10-0. (144lb.).  In five matches, she outscored opponents 49-1.

Other Team Wisconsin members earning All-American honors were Kiana Pugh (3rd place, 152 pounds), Natalie Kemp (3rd place, 180 pounds), Hannah Ramos (5th place, 138 pounds), Gabby Skidmore (6th place, 112 pounds), and Ashton Cadman (7th place, 127 pounds).  Pugh was successful in avenging a loss from earlier in the week in a re-match of the Cadet National finals with Kelani Corbett from Hawaii.  Also of note, Skidmore defeated teammate Allie Grobarchik in the "blood round" (round of 12).  Grobarchik won 3 consecutive matches before falling to teammates in the quarterfinals (Howk) and round of 12 (Skidmore).

Fargo experience with WI Junior and Cadet Boys Teams | Randy Ferrell

Boys | Wisconsin at USA Wrestling Nationals | 2017

The 2017 USA Wrestling National Tournament in Fargo, North Dakota is always a site to be seen.  A total of 45 states were represented this year in the Fargo Dome on the campus of North Dakota State University.  Thousands of athletes competing on 24 mats, all looking to win a national title on the elevated center stage. 

Wisconsin sent nearly 200 athletes westward to strut their stuff in the largest tournament in the world.  Becoming an All-American is quite an accomplishment.  Brackets are huge and filled with the best talent this great nation has to offer.  Wrestlers must be in peak physical condition as the rest time between matches is limited to only 15 minutes.  An athlete can finish a grueling match and then be called upon to compete again in what feels like only moments.

Cadet Boys Freestyle -
The Wisconsin Cadet Freestyle team showed up to compete!  Battling in each round to take home a 10th Place finish in the national tournament with 4 All-Americans.

126 Keegan O’Toole 4th Place
132 Aidan Medora 2nd Place
152 Joshua Otto 4th Place
285 Logan Zschernitz 5th Place

Junior Boys Freestyle –
Our Wisconsin Junior Freestyle team represented very well, finishing in 11th Place with 3 All-Americans.
Tyler Dow had the match to behold in the Semifinal round.  The time was running out in the second period; Tyler was down on points, something had to be done.  Our Wisconsin Coaches were calm and collected in the corner.  They threw the block to have the video reviewed.  Just like they thought, the points didn’t add up.  At the end of the review, Tyler was only down by a few points and addition time was placed on the clock.  With a pure Wisconsin work ethic, Tyler set forth to get his job done!  When the smoke cleared and the buzzer sounded; two monster throws by Dow were enough to move him into the national finals.

126 Aaron Schulist 6th Place
138 Jeremy Schoenherr 2nd Place
160 Tyler Dow 2nd Place

Greco | Wisconsin at USA Wrestling Nationals | 2017

Wisconsin has a fine tradition in Greco Roman wrestling.  The 2017 Wisconsin Cadet and Junior Teams continued to carry that torch as they moved through the National Tournament in Fargo, North Dakota.  The number you are looking for is 15!  This is the number of Greco All-Americans coming home to Wisconsin!

Greco Roman wrestling may take a back seat to Freestyle when it comes to popularity, but the spectators in the stands love to watch the high scoring matches.  The risk versus reward is so much higher in Greco.  When you watch the chess match that is Freestyle, the small details may be lost on the average fan.  Wrestlers compete for position and battle to scrape out a 3-2 match.  In Greco, you let it fly!  Our young men were very active to score big throws and lifts to receive big points.  Greco matches can go back and forth with a high scoring result of 18-14.  You risk the hold to be rewarded on the scoreboard.

Cadet Boys Greco –
The Wisconsin Cadet Greco Team battled to a 6th Place finish amongst the field with 7 All-Americans including a National Champion!

88 Payton Jacobson 4th Place 
94 Blaine Brenner 6th Place   
113 Hunter Lewis 1st Place    
120 Aiden Nutter 5th Place                 
152 Gage Coppock 8th Place              
170 Tyler Hannah 2nd Place
285 Logan Zschernitz 2nd Place

Junior Boys Greco-
The Wisconsin Junior Greco Team captured a 2nd Place finish with 8 All-Americans.

113 Eric Barnett 4th Place                  
120 Brady Koontz 2nd Place              
138 Alston Nutter 2nd Place
160 Tyler Dow 2nd Place                   
160 Hayden Krein 7th Place               
170 Jose Acosta 8th Place
195 Dalton Hahn 2nd Place                
220 Aric Bohn 3rd Place

These young men worked to put themselves amongst the best in the nation.  Pulling together to make sure that everyone shared the load.  The trait of a leader is one that climbs to the top and then turns around to help others achieve the same.  I would say that Wisconsin Greco is not shy about giving a hand up!

Wrestling in Fargo, North Dakota is like going to see the Great and Powerful Oz.  So many things hold your attention.  So many things to focus on.  So many shiny objects to draw your eye. The final product is a wondrous spectacle to behold.  How many people have ever looked behind the curtain?  How many people truly want to know the work that goes into making everything appear effortless?

This year was my first on staff with the Wisconsin National team.  I was brought on staff to work behind this magical curtain, to assist our State Coach Scott Kluever.  The amount of time and energy put in to make this event run smooth for our athletes and our coaches is absolutely amazing.  The organization it takes to keep all our buses, athletes and coaches running on time and back and forth from River Falls to Fargo is a bit of wizardry. 

A few of my duties to help the program were: our Junior Recruit portfolio, secure practice mats for our programs as they arrive in Fargo and for those wrestling both styles, mat assignments for all of our athletes and coaches, checking into the hotel for all athletes and coaches and a general schedule to insure we, as a state, remain on top of our game.  Not to mention, I got to coach a few matches!

While in Fargo, I had the opportunity to attend several national meetings.   These meeting are run after the last match of the day has completed and may run late pending the topic.  Topics of the meetings I attended were: the general schedule of the National tournament, girls wrestling at national events and the spotlight on building state programs and the combination of all levels at a single location for the National Duals. 

Of the three topics, the schedule seemed to move along the quickest and have the most agreement amongst state representatives.  Most states were looking for a day of weigh in and an earlier finish to the final day.  As we all progress with weight issues amongst our wrestlers, states agreed a day of weigh in would eliminate the big cuts and make our sport healthier.  It was nice to see our leaders working together for progress.

The girls meeting was very well attended!  The room was filled, with no empty seats and people spilling out onto the stairs and walkways.  The meeting seemed to go back and forth as the crowd worked to vote in a new leader and give direction for future events.  As a member of the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association, adding girls wrestling to the ‘cheese state’ is a priority of mine.  It was a great opportunity for me to ask questions and seek out methods to limit the hurdles for inclusion. 

The National Duals was an interesting meeting.  I see so much written on our own forum about why our state does not attend.  I see a lot of negative chatter regarding our leader’s vision and the grand scheme.  What I witnessed was the Wisconsin State Coach leading the national discussion on combining the Cadet and Junior Duals into one event and moving the date as to give plenty of time to recover and develop before the run to the National Tournament.  This would make the duals more affordable for all states to attend and give our wrestlers the added time to recover between events.  There is a plan in place and soon it will grow fruit!

I learned so much as a coach during the camps leading up to the National Tournament.  Having the opportunity to sit down with many of the best coaches in the state to share technique and philosophy was invaluable.  If you do not continue to grow and learn, you get passed by.  This is true with anything in life.  If you truly want to achieve greatness, you need to evolve with our sport. 

After being home with my family, I took time to reflect upon my travels.  The bus rides, the van rides, the competition, the short naps between sessions, the snacks in my backpack.  The amount of time I spent texting coaches should actually work in my favor if I choose to pursue a career in thumb wrestling.  All the interaction with our athletes and many parents. Both were on a roller coaster of emotion.  I appreciate the opportunities I am given and how this sport has taken me from a small town in Ohio to travel our great nation.  All with a common goal.  To be the best.  The best wrestler, the best coach, the best.  To finish my article with a Wizard of Oz theme, I do have a story about a magical pair of shoes.  Feel free to walk up to me at any event throughout next season and ask.  I am more than happy to share.

Randy Ferrell
Head Wrestling Coach
West Allis Nathan Hale

Thank You National Team Coaches

The Wisconsin Wrestling Federation would like to thank the following coaches for their work with the 2017 WWF Training and National Teams. Several of these coaches began preparing the teams in April and traveled with teams to their competitions. These individuals are instrumental in the program’s success! We also thank the High School and Club coaches for all the work they do to prepare their wrestlers!

Cadet Greco 
Scott Arneson
Eric Lehrke   
Brian Suchocki
Maja Casey 
Miah Casey
Dave Burgard 
Randy Dusing 

Junior Greco
Matt Zwaschka
Lucas Steldt 
Scott Pelot
Bob Empey
Ty Pelot
Jason Kleinschmidt
Scott Peltier
Billy Prochniewski 

Cadet Freestyle
Brad Owens 
Mark Hemauer
Dillon Bera
Kyle Ruschell
Ben Askren
Kent Weiler
Jose Quintana 
Chris Persike

Junior Freestyle
Max Askren
Trevor Brandvold 
John Mesenbrink
Chris Hansen 
Ned Shuck
Zach Cook

Bill Kahle
Jared Schaaf
Tony Schaaf
Carl Dulaca
Kegan Gennrich

Women’s Cadet and Junior
Kevin Black
Gary Mitchell
Joe Ramsey
Pat Kilty
Jessika Rottier
Kevin Bird

Scott Schmitz
Dave McCarthy
Randy Farrell

Cadet and Junior National Team Practice

Schoolboy National Team Practice

2017 Wisconsin Goodwill Dual Team Picture

2017 WI & MN Goodwill Dual Teams

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